Wonderful piece, Fiona. Fun to read, and with lots of interesting bits of information worth learning more about. In particular, your comment about the misattribution of the messy desk quote to Einstein made me sit up and take notice, as I’m among those who have suggested the scientist as the source of the quote in their writings (although I hedged my bets by noting it was ‘commonly’ attributed to him — whew). In any case, your attribution to Mr. Peter made me curious, since I hadn’t heard him referenced as a source before. Naturally, that led me down the internet well, where I came across an equally fun article that located a version of the quote in a 1955 Chicago newspaper. That almost certainly predates Mr. Peter. Check it out: https://www.the1thing.com/blog/the-one-thing/wildrooting-out-the-truth-2/. And thanks again for the piece!

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